BMW C 600 Sport Maxi-Scooter


Urban Mobility from the category of the great German, we discover the maxi-scooter Sport 600 C, designed for the city and the comfort of driving in traffic every day to get to work or simply find Metropolitan streets. It follows a scooter very handy but at the same time with great power thanks to an engine by 647 cc, capable of providing a power of 44 Kw to more than 7000 RPM. The maximum speed arrives to 175 km/h but is accelerating to amaze with its 7.1 seconds to bring the scooter from zero to 100 km/h with a consumption of 4.8 litres/declared 100 miles.

Is a twin-cylinder four-stroke liquid-cooled engine with four valves per cylinder to push this BMW, using of course the classic scooter automatic transmission.

The transmission is oil bath chain, automatic centrifugal dry clutch.
The frame is steel and aluminium, with a weight of 248 kg. The German home, always attentive to safety, mount the ABS as standard, with a dual-disc front brake from 270 mm floating caliper with two Pistons. Rear brake but same minodisco. Also interesting, with a suspension fork stem overthrown by 40 mm and single-sided swingarm.

Clearly the comforts for a maxi-scooter is an obligation and hence the huge classic saddle of category, under which is a huge variable-volume Chamber.
Fantastic windshield height adjustable electronically. Beautiful tail with led light and the overall aesthetic, with double Lighthouse cat eye shield, integrated with a sporty and aggressive style. Excellent digital and analog instrumentation with a lot of data available. The available colors are metallic blue and gray.

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