Ducati Monster 796


Both for the beginner and for many kilometers, which has behind him the Ducati Monster 796 is a bike easy to carry and with a sporty character that has been a huge asset for Ducati. This model is situated between the small and the largest of the Monster and Ducati has introduced changes that may be very subtle, but that does not cease to be important as the new and revised position of driving or the adoption of the DesmoDue engine, the swingarm and the choice of a version with ABS in it.

Since it was a very proven motorcycle they are the most prominent changes but they are also benefits of drive. His aesthetic is also very appealing, especially for those who are looking for a freak, but also draws attention to its dynamism, the sensational behavior of the bike or the new swingarm. Seen more closely we can see an attractive trim in red on the seat and the fillet, also red, decorated in black rims. A very comfortable bike is as your handlebar has risen 20 mm with a new turret and dropped 10 mm seat height allowing a more relaxed riding position.

The Ducati Monster 796 brings a box of instruments very similar to other models in the range, fully digital, but with blank background although, as novelty, includes the indicator of the State of the ABS, as well as other functions already knew as the stopwatch, clock, data capture preinstallation… However, it should be noted that the gasoline level missing. The 796 Monster has a special clutch feel and touch your brake confirms the feeling of comfort with a good progressive in its route. Its consumption is very low and just introduces vibration, making it a desirable model for anyone.

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