E-electric Symmetry


Arriving from Taiwan the Sym, an electric scooter for small and compact, with good performance. Fact dimensions are those of the “fifties” of the early 90, with small wheels from 10 ″, carinate, but with the technology of the future, the only real change that the world can undertake: a compact electric motor advanced lithium batteries.

The importance of lightness and compactness is critical to making the electric scooter, the vehicle of the future. For the moment it seems that the batteries do not evolve over the next 10 years, and thus the availability of energy, then the little electric she left from Sym part all the superfluous to lightweight enough to reach a maximum weight of 80 kg, almost like a bicycle.

► New Smart E-scooter
► Eco Suzuki and-Lets the first electric scooter with removable battery

Practicality is therefore the most researched of Sym which in fact comes from a conventional platform, which does not use the wheel but the engine carter, keeping the motor, brushless from 2.2 kW, bound to the chassis, with the reduction of fixed masses. The lithium-ion battery cathode with Nickel-cobalt-Manganese from 1 kWh is placed under the platform, leaving it free under saddle to be used as storage or for non-integrated battery charger on board to reduce the spaces. The charger is more powerful and with a quicker recharge, saving weight and space, although you may not be able to reload if you leave at home. The selling price is $ 3,250.

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