Harley-Davidson Blackline


Harley-Davidson has found balance, and has done so with the Blackline that has managed to combine rebellion with classicism, and that Yes, discard conventions that do not correspond to this type of machine. He is about creating a motorcycle with personal colors and they involve a bike with a huge personality, functional and accessible. Transmitted over the years, the Harley-Davidson Blackline is a unique model for all those who know the magic of flying this type of machines.

As as technical characteristics are concerned, we speak like detail of a wheel 144 mm which makes manifest your hardtrail profile. However, the model comes without accessories, only the most basic, with a rear fender that, due to its altitude, lets suspended as if you float. In addition, this model provides a radiant glow that makes black look even brighter if possible. The motorcycle has a motor Big Twin that decorated in shades of black and Silver gives a more elegant appearance and softens its lines.

As a novelty, the tandem seat, the lowest that has never had a Harley-Davidson, on consideration, a much higher position has been reached with your handlebar. The suspension is similar to a current suspension although they are the engine, with shaft balanced internal which, anchored to the chassis creates a never before known connection between the pilot and the power that moves the bike, to get even more exciting and curious sensation of riding a Harley. Spotlight is the homage that makes this motorcycle to three basic elements of motorcycling: internal combustion, mechanical beauty and, above all, the black line winding road becomes before your eyes.

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