Harley-Davidson XL 883 Sportster Iron Bobber


The Bobber name comes from the time in which American soldiers returned from World War II, and became a trend that was to remove all. Bikes there were reduced to chassis, engine, and the pair of wires necessary for start and light a light front and one behind. The bobber name is associated with cut and so was this new motorcycle, as well as cropped and similar to any Harley seats, has large balloon wheels, giving it that style 40s-50s.

We can stand out above other details that your seat is nice but not comfortable and is very hard what joins its poor damping to the minimum of the shock absorbers includes. Shock absorbers hard and short are also somewhat notable since a better item could have been achieved. That Yes, this bike comes to the floor with both feet either but is very difficult to put the leg of goat and the curves looking that we could count on a lower angle of inclination. That Yes, thanks to your handlebar and developed Board driving position is comfortable and helps to reach high speed. Mirrors are much more effective than the placed in the usual position, because they vibrate much less, while the brakes are not a prodigy of power, but this is already happening in other Harley.

Its price depends on the placement of certain elements that can make this model of bike. Some of them are two-seat seat and rear brackets, however, all this leads us to set up a model that will delight all those who consider the Harley as the best bikes on the market.

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