Harley-Davidson XR 1200


Dressed in black. Strong, lean and agile. A suit for all occasions. And so much character. In 2010 Harley-Davidson has launched a luxury version of the naked: the XR 1200 X. Changes to the base model seem minimal. But they are not. Not only because the matte black body and the mechanics refined – very – his line. Not only because the situation is more sporty driving and slightly bent forward on the handlebars. But also because, looking well, you notice something different even in the chassis. The fork and the shock, to be precise. Now they are adjustable, a real convenience. The front discs are floating, so that I can move a few millimeters across. The XR 1200 was fixed basis. This in a nutshell, it means greater efficiency in braking. And safety. In everyday use, the new Harley collects the large holes. If you want to push a bit ‘more is better appreciates the balanced structure. The mouths of the air intakes are white, under the tank.

Almost two eyes open. Not only advantages, though. As per tradition the saddle is still uncomfortable. Square and rigid. The seat, then, not much. We come to the heart. With a little disappointment. Even the engine has changed: it derives from that of the Sportster, but with 91 horses and a lot of mid-range torque. It must be said, however, that responds well. The real drawback, to be fussy, it is the slow change in the grafts. To recap: driving comfort, just sitting. Precise and fast as any other Harley, nice to drive as the control in the corners, secure, because the braking is improved and the new suspension is felt especially at high speed. Full profile, then: city, long journeys, short trips, highways, ring roads. Everything. Having said all? No, no price: 1000 € more than the previous version. You can take away from the dealership to 12,700 €. An expense that fans can do with confidence. Always mark the Harley-Davidson maintains value over time. And so will the XR 1200 X.

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  1. When is it going 2 launch in india sure i would present this bike 2 my friend prithvi

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