Honda PCX 150


Honda PCX 150
If Honda PCX 125 scooter led a small revolution in the scooter segment between 51 and 200 cc, thanks to its low price (2,310 Euro, built in Thailand according to the standard “Made by Global Honda”) and its low power consumption with Start & Stop technology, then his older brother you can take a nice slice (market). It is coming, from September 2012, Honda PCX 150, thanks to which you can access tangential and freeways, thus becoming a viable alternative to cars for commuting.
With the PCX 150 Honda confirms its ability to propose solutions on two wheels ideal for any need for sharing build quality, advanced technology and a solid reliability, typical features that have distinct Honda and its products.

Honda PCX Range
After 125 150 arrives. Honda PCX 125 in 2011 was the best-selling two-wheeler in Europe with over 23,000 units combining elegant style and a modern look by maxiscooter. He has also been praised for its consumption for its reliability, based on rigid chassis that provides stability and comfort combined with the stability guaranteed by suspensions has been able to make the PCX fun and safe to use every day.
In September 2011 family PCX widens and puts it next to his older brother 125 to 150 cc.

PCX engine 150
Honda PCX 150 new Honda engine mounts the eSP (enhanced Smart Power) from 153 cc. It is a single cylinder, 4-stroke, liquid-cooled, designed to guarantee maximum resistance, minimal consumption and quiet operation.
Together with his younger brother, the PCX150 offers all the basic features for a small scooter: eye-catching aesthetics, convenience, fun and economy.
4-stroke engine, SOHC, 2 valves per cylinder, liquid-cooled by 153 cc, leverages low-friction technology for greater efficiency in terms of power and savings. The size and weight reduced overall offer that firmness needed to adapt to a wide range of two-wheeled vehicles, present and future.
Also present in PCX 150 “Start & Stop” deactivated. Once activated, if the engine is idling for 3 seconds, is turned off automatically and then restart immediately as soon as you turn the throttle knob.
Honda announces a haul of about 44.6 km/l (WMTC standard), for a total of 263 miles thanks to 5.9 litres fuel tank.

Honda PCX cycling 150
The height from the ground of the saddle is 761 mm: low centre of gravity for perfect handling, enhanced by strong tubular steel frame with lower ridge beam geometry non-rigid and steering from aluminum wheels from 14 “. The turning radius is 1.98 m and allows agile maneuvers even tighter spaces.
The braking system consists of a 220 mm front disc with 3-piston caliper and a 130 mm drum rear.

Equipment of PCX 150
Under the seat is relies to vain to put a helmet while other items there is a compartment on the front shield. If it is not enough on the rear rack can add a 26 litres topbox. Available to the pilot the comfortable back support built into the passenger seat and there is a generous space.
The dashboard featured by hosting a speedometer, fuel level indicator, some service spies and spy Stop & Start function.

Design and colors of Honda PCX 150
Aesthetically takes the lines of brother PCX 125 alternating elegance and a modern trend for perfect tone for the city but also suitable for movement of greater RADIUS, pulling on a protective front shield and tinted windshield. In addition to a comfortable saddle, the elongated footpegs provide ample space to stretch your legs. Dual headlight design is emphasized from indicatores elegant and tilted upwards for a really unique look perfect.
Honda PCX scooter 150 is available in four colours: Red (Rosy Red Candy); Black (Asteroid Black Metallic); Grey (Seal Silver Metallic) and white (Pearl White Himalayas).

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