MV Agusta F4 RR


MV Agusta F4RR at a glance
The bike has very name: the name MV Agusta F4 RR. With the initials RR Schiranna back to the home of racing, the bikes for special riders who demand the most from special sporty driving. Quality materials, high quality components such as Öhlins forks and to ensure performance to the limit as a maximum speed of 297 km / h the engine Corsa Corta 201CV can be achieved. The power is distributed in 192 kg, a ratio that leaves .
The design is the traditional MV Agusta F4, unique, characterized by straight lines and facing the road, prone to cleave through the air.
The MV Agusta F4 RR is available in from the end of May 2011 at a price of € 22,900.

Short Stroke Engine
The MV Agusta F4 RR wants to be the perfect tool for riders who demand the best bike for their performance, the F4 RR declares himself “the best of what technology can offer the motorcycle world.”
The four-cylinder engine is the line that produces an output of 201 bhp (compared to 186 for standard version) and makes the F4 RR superbike road the most powerful ever built. ” But, excluding the engine casing, the arrangement of cylinders and a few other elements, the 4 cylinder MV shares little with that of F4. Indeed, it was redesigned in search of the maximum possible performance. All Ll’albero engine that has a lower inertia and new measures to ensure a highly-square bore and stroke ratio to reach speeds of a real motorcycle racing. Growing the piston diameter from 76 mm to 79 mm, when the race comes down from 55 mm to 50.9 mm. In this way we could reach a speed of 13,700 rev limiter down well but the linear velocity of the piston (from 24.7 m / s to 22.9 m / s) and thus improve reliability.
To reach the stratospheric power of 201 hp at 13,400 rpm motor catalyzed by an approved and regularly, every detail has been taken care of excess, with a completely new text. For the first time on an engine of mass production, all valves are made of titanium and this made it possible to reduce the weight of the same despite the significant increase in diameter (30 to 31.8 mm for the inlet and 25 to 26 for unloading).
Also new exhaust system, 4-2-1-4 in conformation with a large-diameter collector to optimize the tuning of the engine and performance.
Thanks to the policy of low friction, that the new engine of the F4 RR has been designed according to, was reduced the speed of the generator and water pump, limiting power consumption.
How on F4, also on this new engine the gearbox is removed to ensure rapid action and clutch system uses a mechanical slipper to assure proper control even in the hardest braking.
New and more advanced electronics with two maps for the motor, controlled by the new command on the left handlebar.

Cycling of the MV Agusta F4 RR
Frame and swingarm are in common with those of the F4, but to adapt their cycling performance at the track, to the tastes of the pilot and the extreme performance, the bike provides an infinite combination of settings, from multi-adjustable suspension settings on the tilt steering column , and the height of the rear swing arm pivot by means of “cookies” calibrated.
Provides Öhlins upside-down fork with 43 mm: measures designed to achieve the perfect balance of agility worthy of a true superbike and stability of each MV.
The rear shock, Öhlins TTX 36 Racing is the best in the world can be found on a production bike, born from direct competition and is adjustable in spring preload, compression, rebound and making it possible to vary the length ‘height of the rear.
The Brembo braking system ensures the F4 RR detached worthy of a MotoGP bike. Up front is fitted with two 320mm floating discs at the rear and a steel disk 210.

Special parts for the MV Agusta F4 RR
The superbike world’s most powerful you can make it even more unique thanks to the list of special parts original MV: special materials and the latest technical details necessary to bring the F4 RR even more performance or aesthetic customization. Special parts MV apply the same standards of high quality that characterized the entire project of the bike, but are made of materials such as Alloy, Titanium and carbon and can make it even lighter. Discharges and racing units can enhance the power of its four cylinders. The smallest design element can be customized.

Colors of the MV Agusta F4 RR
The two new colors, red / white crayon and opaque pearly white, and the new graphics make it even sports the unmistakable image of the F4 RR.

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