Peugeot Geopolis 300 and LXR 125 and 200


Good news from Peugeot for those who are about to buy a scooter. The French brand offers an interesting fact, sales promotion for the months of March and April on 300 and on the range Geopolis LXR. Regarding Geopolis Peugeot 300 is a contribution of € 660 off the list price to the public, thus giving the opportunity to buy at a price of € 3490. Contribution of small but interesting range on the LXR.

For the range LXR Peugeot is offering a discount of 200 € on the price list of the public to which you add the 35-liter trunk and windshield included. The students can buy LXR 125 cc to 2,550 cc € while LXR 200 the price will be € 2790, both Peugeot scooter will be fully equipped for a lower price. Opportunity to grasp for those who want to buy a scooter and place their trust in the brand Peugeot.

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