Yamaha VMAX 2012


Yamaha VMAX is created to give performance in acceleration from primacy, motorists should always go from zero to 100 km/h in a few handfuls of seconds. The VMAX first created in 1985 renews its fourth generation, increasing displacement and modifying the frame. Fantastic aesthetic muscular definition for the category only muscle bike

The engine is now a 1689 cc four-cylinder liquid-cooled V with a monstrous power of 200 horses and a couple extraordinarily designed exclusively for acceleration and speed. We talk about ben 166.8 Nm at 6,500 rpm, compression ratio 11.3: 1. Clutch multi-plate leverages the diaphragm spring in oil bath and, with 5 speed gearbox. Of course the whole management and electronic candles to Iridium for a perfect combustion.

Fantastic design and material, titanium, of four drains, two on each side, short and angled from bottom to top.
The fork is tremendous, as well as any motorcycle, with a minimalist diamond frame and aluminum hard. The weight is well 310 kg with weights but well distributed, on the other hand with this power the bike must be well planted a terra here and that the tires become fundamental. Both wheels are 18 inches, with a perfect grip and designed especially for you.

Also the brakes are at the top, with the dual front hydraulic disc 320 mm and the rear plate from 298 mm.
Fantastic design is what has made famous the VMAX, muscular, naked in the frame, with the splendid mock chrome air intakes on the tank and short tail. A sinuous line and curved, almost like a race horse, seen from the side and now also in a fantastic black livery. Monstrous price, over 22,000 euros.

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