The road lovers are in luck, if apart from our mountain motorcycle, urban Superbikes for long distances or need a means of transport robust, stable and sufficient benefits to meet your needs, BMW has thought of you.

BMW F800 R ABS, and called his motorcycle designed both for urban land as middle and long distance. Equipped with some fairly advanced elements technologically with a very careful design and with some details that are quite welcome, as the medium windshield to protect the face of the driver of insects, stones and sand. Let’s see this BMW F800 R ABS more in-depth.

The characteristics of this BMW F800 R ABS are designed both for expert riders as newly initiated into this exciting world. Its equipment and its price make it a very recommendable option for everyone.

BMW F800 R ABS comes equipped with a two-cylinder four-stroke engine eight valves type DOHC with a torque of 15.6 kg. There are 798 cc approved equivalent would be approximately 87 HP traction, pretty good taking into account the approach that he has wanted to give to this motorcycle. All this is also associated with a feed of electric injection system.

To conclude with the specifications of this BMW F800 R ABS should be noted that it has six gears gearbox, clutch is a multi-disc bathed in oil and final drive is by chain.

In conclusion, a motorcycle suitable both for experts and for beginners, with a perfect to enjoy any journey equipment and with a quite affordable final price of 8,400 euros.

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