Harley Davidson Sportster 883 Superslow


The Harley Davidson Sportster 883 Superslow is, as its name indicates a lower motorcycle, and that has improved in behavior with respect to other models for the improvement of their tires and chassis much more novel that combined with their finishes and special design make this model a new Harley, as all of the brandthey become a benchmark brand.

This Sportster combines the high handlebars that characterizes the custom with a very low seat compared to other models and is conferred that Superlow identity. This circumstance has forced down the footrests, forcing Flex legs maybe in excess. As to the aerodynamics are concerned, is typical of the custom screen without fairing. It’s a bike aimed at the novice in the field of the Harley with their 53 CVS that although it does not allow high performance that is accompanied by a mechanic that allows the soft start and progressive operation with loads that are around 5.5 litres.

The wheelbase of this Harley Davidson Sportster 883 Supersolw is less an increase of its agility and manageability without in the straight accused their lack of stability. Moreover, a few Michelin tires for this model have been designed which gives more grip and angle of inclination. Nevertheless, they manage to give a new look to a classic with details really minimum. The ground clearance is so small that you can scratch you in a slump if you do not take care of this end. Driving becomes much more pleasant and fun and that will probably mean that many will come to the best moments of this bike.

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