Kawasaki ER-6n 2012


The 2012 brought other improvements to the Kawasaki ER-6n, that from the top of its 60,000 copies sold in Europe, is one of the Japanese bikes that you press heal more. From an aesthetic point of view especially in the ER-6n has been made more sleek and aggressive, in line with the latest aesthetic standards. In principle, in fact, left some doubts, but now has a very nice and sophisticated. The tail was shortened, the fairing and front lights, while maintaining a vision in height, were crushed to the pilot so as to make the whole thing more aggressive. The fairing also departures “pods” for forks.

But the major changes are completely reworked chassis, with a double steel frame and a new small tube chassis for the rear. Twin-tube also fork, longer than 15 mm, while the handlebar is larger than 20 mm or narrower foot. The Monoshock rear side instead is stretched by 2 mm. It also changes the instrumentation that back partly analogue and uses four new directions: the instant and average fuel consumption, the autonomy and the ECHO, which signals when the pilot has an eco-driving.

The saddle is slightly higher, but this makes the Guide under the new chassis and new changes especially to headlight and suspension. Improved braking system ABS with a revisited. Is yours for 6,500 euros.

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