Kawasaki W 800


Kawasaki W 800 is the kind of bike for lovers of classic style and more pure metal, as were the motion of 50 and 60 years of the 20th century, where the pods weren’t even designed. If you love this kind of momentum the old-fashioned way, where the sound of steel excels, Kawasaki has what you are looking for.

Everything is simply uncompromising metal from MUDs to tank. The technology is not part of this style, but security is guaranteed by the best manufacturing techniques of a time magazines and reviewed while respecting the time.
The brakes are of the mold, front disc and rear drum. The change is to a time, 5 mechanical gears, with the fifth longest and economic.

The engine, an air-cooled, reaches 7000 rpm, but explodes immediately up to 3000 for a quick change of gears up to help you unwind at the fifth. The power of 35 kW, is well delivered up to 6000 RPM.

Essential, Gaunt, the comfort given to simplicity and the softness of the saddle, as well as large as a pillow. The chassis is exceptionally simple and essential, allows for amazing maneuverability both in the city and suburban winding paths. Bend and suddenly change direction is as easy as riding a bicycle, the bike closely follows the commands with lightness and harmony. Weight with the 14-litre tank is full of just 215 kg. Consumption are minimised, for a daily use. The only “modern” part of this bike is the electronic fuel injection, but with the Euro 3 not if they can no longer do without.
Classical aesthetics is embellished with chrome rims from 19 “front and 18″ at the rear. Your just over 8000 euros.

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